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What kind of flower could this be?

The flower (sorry no picture) is white. It has petals shaped like an apple blossom but larger and more…closed in. Any idea?
The flower is on a tree and its during the spring. Its in both sun and shade and growing in a large group, if that helps.

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3 Responses to “What kind of flower could this be?”

  1. mercedesblanca said :

    You might want to add details, such as what it was growing on. Tree, shrubs, grasses…. The type of environment full sun, shade, or partial. Right now, taking a guess would be like looking for a single petal in an Olympic sized bathtub.
    I’m far from an expert, so it could be a small tea rose or maybe an impatient. I really have no clue…

    Sounds like a magnolia to me…. Some have different colored flowers and some smell and some don’t, but it sounds like a Magnolia.

  2. Rottie Mom said :

    It’s probably a magnolia. The leaves of the magnolia tree are a shiny, dark green color.

  3. SteelAngel said :


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