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Whats wrong with my gardening question?

I’ve asked it 3 times now and it hasnt shown up. Can you answer it please?
Exactly it hasnt shown up but it is on my profile.
Yes it is the question about my vegetable plot I’ve asked it 3 times its on my profile…..

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9 Responses to “Whats wrong with my gardening question?”

  1. Nexus6 said :

    What is it then?

  2. selteeb said :

    well what can we answer if there is nothing to answer

  3. Julie said :

    the biggest problem is that I don’t see the garden question here.. what is it?????

  4. selractrad said :

    It isn’t a gardening question.

  5. rememberme0247 said :

    Check to see in your profile where it is. If it doesn’t say gardening besides the question then it in that topic.

  6. mojo said :

    Can you please add the question in full.Then we could try and answer it for you.

  7. Steve C said :

    try 1 more time make sure that it is in the garden & landscape.

  8. mowerman said :

    may i recommend the vegetable expert by Dr.D.G. Hessayon better than all the rhs books and just right for you save you time asking questions and getting very few answers

  9. Toni f said :

    maybe your not asking the question the right way


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