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What are some good gardening habits to get into?

I very much enjoy spending time in my garden, and I’ve got it looking just the way I like it. I do however have a bad habit of leaving everything to the last minute and then rushing to get everything, such as the lawn and hedge in order. Can you give me some tips on keeping my garden in pristine condition or perhaps even some advice on what sort of plants/trees I should have in their? is it good to have little garden ornaments and plant pots too?

Thank you so much for your help 🙂

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6 Responses to “What are some good gardening habits to get into?”

  1. MARNIFAERI said :

    I go for low maintainance plants that you dont have to worry about them and flowers that come back each year, daffs,tulips. go for gravel and pots instead of grass, no worries with mowing

  2. crock said :

    Get out of the habit of leaving everything to the last minute.
    Lawns should be mown at least once a week.

  3. pescador said :

    billy joe !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    best gardening habit is to go to the library and READ!!!!!!!

  4. Gardengirl said :

    Get into the habit of walking around your garden every day if you can. That way you will be able to spot problems as they start and deal with them immediately so they do not have a chance to build up into something major such as a devastating aphid infestation or black spot decimating your roses.

    Try and get into a routine and don’t try to do too much in one go, the garden is for you to enjoy so don’t stress too much about long grass on your lawn or a straggly hedge.

    As for the ornaments and plant pots, it’s your garden so if you like them and want them then have them, but remember pots need regular watering if the plants are to survive.

    Happy gardening.

  5. Louise E said :

    I would suggest doing a little at a time. Don’t rush or worry that the grass is too long or the hedge if untidy. Do it and enjoy doing it that way I’m sure you will get more satisfaction from your efforts. Gardening should help to relieve stress and not add to it. I take a walk up my garden every day in the spring and summer but generally leave it and forget what it looks like in the winter!
    When i walk up my garden i pull out a few more weeds and make plans for what i want to do next.
    I try hard to keep on top of mowing the lawn as my main job.

  6. Auron1838 said :

    Try to arrange your plants so the ones who need water most often are closer to your house (your water hose) that way you can watch them and water when needed. The further from your house, you can plant drought tolerant plants or plants that only need minimal water.
    Also try to have about 80% perennials and 20% annual plants that way you don’t have to replace them all each year (will keep your budget low).


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