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Is now a good time of year to do some gardening?

My Boyfriend has gone away to the end of February and i want to get the garden done before he comes back. At the moment it is just grass and i want to put in borders and plants and lots of potted plants too.

Is now a good time to dig up the borderss and put in plants?

Also, any suggestions of pretty flowers/plants that will look good that are easymaintenancee?

Thanks in advance.
I live on the south coast of UK.

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2 Responses to “Is now a good time of year to do some gardening?”

  1. Roger H said:

    The answer to your question is a definite NO, because the ground is waterlogged after all the rain that we have had, also it is not advise able to put new plants in the ground because there is a possibility of more frosts which would kill the new plants, if I were you wait until the end of March, just to give your garden a chance to dry out a little and for the temperature to warm up a little, then go to a garden centre and seek advice from an expert who could advise you what plants to purchase…Hope this helps P.S Hope that you are living in the U.K

  2. Beatrice L said:

    If your ground isn’t frozen or soggy you can do this now. You need soil that isn’t too wet. Be sure to dig up the grass and remove it from the beds. Dig in some compost at least a 2 inch layer. The potted plants will depend on your gardens zone. Ask the plant nursery for advise. Dig in fertilizer with a high middle number to promote root development.


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