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How do you get rid of stickers of wooden floor?

My baby sister is inlove with stickers!! She always puts them on the floor!! But it takes a while for my momto get some off! She gets tired of crouching down and trying to take them off! Got any ideas???

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11 Responses to “How do you get rid of stickers of wooden floor?”

  1. Mike G said :

    Who’s giving this kid all these stickers?

  2. gerard c said :

    Impossible without getting down to it.(idea)You get down to it,or anyone else,give mum a break.

  3. mr yeti69 said :

    there is a product out there called goo off or goof off i am not sure but my mom has it at her store she uses it on her wood floors to get gum etc. off of the floors hope i helped =)

  4. [email protected] said :

    Nail polish remover works.
    When I buy cds & dvds & such and it has those annoying price stickers on, I peel them off then use nail polish remover to get the sticky part off.
    I know, it sounds insane but it works.
    And after that just wipe the area down with a wet cloth so it dosen’t smell.

  5. Missy the Mommy said :

    Goo Gone works absolutely wonderful. Use it for stickers, or even staings, trust me, it’s a great investment. Don’t listen to jerks (“who gives her stickers”, come ON)

  6. Walter S said :

    The best way to get stickers off of anything is a hair dryer, or even better a hot air gun if you have one.

    Heat up the sticker till it is very hot, then slide a razor blade under one edge and begin to slide it over till it comes off. Oh yeah, try to keep the hair dryer blowing on the sticker while you do this, so you will have to help Mom.

  7. mkg101carp said :

    with most stickers, unforunatly someone will have to be on the floor to get them up; just try laying a wet washcloth over them, it should be easier for them to come up. if you have a wetjet, by swifter, you can always go over the spot a couple of times and then turn it to the scrubbing side and scrub lightly at it..hope this helped!

  8. Stephanie said :

    Lemon oil, soak the stickers for a while with a cotton ball of lemon oil and then just wipe them off.

  9. d2matheson said :

    Baby oil works good as well …it will soak right through the sticker and soften the gooey stuff left from the sticker…and it won’t hurt the wooden floor.

  10. big city said :

    Goof Off

  11. sue said :

    Slap the hands of the baby when she puts her stickers anywhere except where they belong or don’t give her any more of them.

    Grandma Sue is still a very mean person! I really hate cleaning crayon, marker, stickers, etc off the floors and walls.

    I think the goo off or whatever it is called would help get them off.

    But the baby needs to learn not to put her stickers where ever she wants!!


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