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What is the best surface for a kitchen floor?

I’m trying to decide between hardwood, laminate (like Pergo), ceramic, etc. I’m wondering what people think looks the best, and what experiences people have had with different surfaces once they’ve had them installed.
btw, cost is an issue – isn’t laying tile more labor intensive?

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11 Responses to “What is the best surface for a kitchen floor?”

  1. Bandett said :

    the grout in tiles will get soiled and requires more cleaning. also anything you drop will break when it hits the tile.

  2. pshh235927 said :

    ceramic tile looks the nicest and is one of the easiest to clean

    (to keep it clean get a shark steam mop)

  3. thumpfrosty said :

    go with tile. (non glossy type) easy to clean and maintain. wood is nice but kitchens are high traffic and wood can be a real pain to keep up there. good luck

  4. ann1wp said :

    I’ve lived with vinyl flooring, tile, and carpet (!) in my kitchen. Carpet is horrible in the kitchen. Vinyl is easy care and inexpensive, but a little low end compared to the other flooring you’re considering. I personally LOVE tile! It is true that if you drop a dish you can pretty much kiss it goodbye, and it can be cold for bare feet, but the ease of care and durability make it worth it in my book. My hubby put tile in our kitchen and entry, and we used a darker grout so that dirt doesn’t show much as the grout ages. Also you can apply sealer to the grout which helps keep it looking clean longer. We have slate-looking large ceramic tile and I am really happy with it! I have real hardwood in my dining room, and it looks really pretty, but I don’t like taking care of it. It shows dust and crumbs, and when I mop it, I feel like I have to hand dry the floor with cloths so that there aren’t any water spot showing. Plus, if you let liquid sit on hardwood, it can get really damaged. I would never put hardwood in my kitchen. I’d do laminate/Pergo that looks like wood, but I don’t have any personal experience with those. Good luck!

  5. Doncaster said :

    over the last 40 years and 5 houses i have had cork, wood, linoleum, slate and tile.
    always ended up with the tiles, (non gloss) are the best and there so many patterns and neutral colors to choose from.
    ensure the grout is well sealed,and as level as possible to the tile
    also as a guide, large area 15′ tiles, average 12″ and for a small area 8″ they make the room appear bigger,
    remember the old saying, measure twice and cut only once, it saves wastage.

  6. John V said :

    Stay away from wood or any wood or artificial wood in kitchen, just asking for trouble, go with ceramic or a regular 12×12 inch vinyl tile, there are some nice ones out there.

  7. liljonblaze69 said :

    Hardwood is always the best looks great last forever and never goes out of style, is a great site for factory direct hardwood flooring.

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