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What’s the easiest and fastest way to clean and sanitize bathroom floor?

What products do you use? What do you use for the shower,sink and the bowl? ps : I’m on a student budget !!!

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21 Responses to “What’s the easiest and fastest way to clean and sanitize bathroom floor?”

  1. Amsiar said :

    A friend of mine told me to mix a little bleach w/ liquid laundry detergent and water for bathroom floors. I tried it and it got my old linoleum shining like new. My favorite product is Comet w/ bleach spray. I buy it at Dollar General for $1.50 per bottle.

  2. tammy lou said :

    vinager and water. for any floor. its actually pretty universal. research its many uses.

  3. justme said :

    The best thing is a bit of ammonia or bleach in some warm soapy water That’s basically what most of the proprietary cleaners are. If you just want to sanitize, use plain white vinigar.

  4. nivea41176 said :

    I love my Clorox ready mop

  5. lori_love_emmalee said :

    Ajax Ajax Ajax and floor hands and knees with rag and little bleach and dishwashing liquid! Get a toilet brush! The Ajax is non abrasive and it is bleach! Smells Clean!

  6. nanny said :

    Use clorax clean-up on the shower sink & bowl, vinegar or diluted bleach on the floor. NEVER mix bleach with anything but water, it will give off a gas that will kill you!

  7. rebelgrl00 said :

    Just go to the dollar store in your area, especially if you have a dollar store where everything is a dollar and buy your products there. They are just as good and basically the same thing w/ a different name. Just make sure that they have Disinfecting wrote on the bottle somewhere. Occasionally you will get lucky and they have the name brand stuff you might want. I buy my supplies there all the time.

  8. firestarter said :

    Vacuum every surface that can be vacuumed. You can use borax which is non toxic. Use a new toilet brush and clean all surfaces. Get a toilet brush for the toilet only. Use an old towel to dry all surfaces. Buy cleaning wipes at the dollar store cheap and do a quick wipe everyday. No nasty build up of gunk. Have a great day.

  9. starrwoode said :

    put a cap full of clorox in a bucket of water and wash everything from top to the floor, or a bottle of lysol is fairly cheap, go to the dollar store for cleaning supplies, i do. toilet bowl cleaner is a good thing to have as it usually takes off water deposits and soap scum so you can use it on shower walls too.

  10. kaneijim said :

    Vinager and bleach, but not both together, then rinse with clear warm water, works great when either one is used with a mild detegerent.

  11. Zaye said :

    Never mix cleaning products. Ammonia mixed with bleach is deadly.

    That being said, I use expensive natural stuff myself. I tried vinegar and baking soda and all that but they don’t work too well long term. Plus vinegar stinks. I use something with essential oils which are antibacterial but it is expensive so if I were you I’d go with bleach and laundry soap. Use only clorox though don’t get the cheapy stuff it’s inferior…Dirty bathrooms are nasty.

  12. kforeman316 said :

    Quick wipes do work for a quick spot clean up. I love spic and span but use sparingly.

  13. hazel a said :

    Use any name brand product that has antiseptic cleaning ability. Generally Clorox mixed with water and maybe some Ajax or Comet will do the job very well. Mr. Bubbles does good also, but I always come back and spray the area down with a Clorox based product and then rinse and wipe dry.

  14. mrslucke said :

    Ok if your on a budget…..
    Buy bleach and comet.
    You pour about a 1/2 cup of bleach in your mop 2 gallon mop bucket and start wiping everything down. Bleach will kill anything. BUTTTTTTT…if you have pee on the floor, I suggest you don’t use bleach because it makes the smell worse. If you have that problem then just use Lyesol or Pinesol 1/4 cup in bucket full of water and u can also use this to wipe everything down as well as the floors.
    Comet- use in bathtub, showers, tiles, sink, toilet.

  15. CANDY L said :

    Lysol and mop

  16. JeepJeep!!! said :

    Comet bathroom spray cleaner. Great!!!!! Use on all, add comet powder to bowl & tough jobs.

  17. wickedwayz said :

    Bleach…it sanitizes and it’s cheap!!!!

  18. cancelsunset said :

    lysol, lysol, lysol

  19. mk_staylor said :

    I have two young sons, and you know they miss! I bought the Lysol wipes in a bucket. You can get them anywhere. They work fast, clean up in a breeze, smell fresh, and are cheap considering how many you get. They are sanitizing as well kills 99.9% of germs~and I use them on the floor tub sink and walls! Good luck

  20. na-na said :

    scrubbing bubbles for shower or tub and sink. swiffer sweeper(mops &scrubs to a shine for your floors (wet ones }my bowls the bleach tablets you put in the tank you can getthese things for a round 20.00 go to a dollar store they have what you are looking for in your budget .

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