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How do you fix a satellite dish to a house?

What fixings are used?
Does it mean drilling into the brick wall? how deep?
How long are the screws if screws are used?
Our house is cream coloured, and the Council advises that the dish colour blends in, but can you get a cream coloured dish and cables?
Does it need a professional builder?
How much damage could an “ordinary Joe” do to the house trying to put one up? We’ve just had the exterior of the house done.

Thanks everyone for any information and advice, gratefully received !

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2 Responses to “How do you fix a satellite dish to a house?”

  1. joel95ex said :

    many people in apt. complexes fill a bucket with concrete and a 4×4 mailbox post and put it on their deck… for houses many people screw it to the eve… like where a gutter would go…. the satellite people will know what to do.

  2. Tecna0905 said :

    i dunno


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