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How would you get the smell of cat out of a house?

My family and I are looking for a new house. The one that we like the most has this cat smell to it, but we really like it and would like to buy it. None of us know how to get the smell out though.

Oh! And it’s wood floors and plain walls. Therefore we can’t take out the carpet.

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2 Responses to “How would you get the smell of cat out of a house?”

  1. Jack G said :

    Well this is just a great question!! Hi, I’m Perry Wilson, founder of the Board of Animal Odor Removal (B.A.O.R.).
    With wood floors, the best thing to do is let a stronger smell take over the house for a short period of time. You see, wood is permeable, which means that small objects can sink through it, if applied in the right place. Apply trace amounts of grass fertilizer to the floorboards and you’ll be in good shape. Thanks for your time!!

  2. cptkay2001 said :

    Cat urine and spray marking is rather notorious (I have cats and I know this firsthand!)
    After the base cleaning is done, I usually use a blacklight to find any specific areas.
    There are deodorizing cleaners with enzymes you can get at the pet stores, or you can give it a go with Febreeze product.
    One reason to use the black light (you can get little ones that are battery run around halloween for just a few dollars) is that the solutions will be sort of costly, and you wna to get them placed where they need to be, not just shotgun the house and hope you get it!
    If it is on a wall near the floor, be sure to let some get down behind the baseboard!
    Depending on the cat, male or female- yes the females will spray mark, just not quite as stinky!
    I can sometimes use white vinegar to remove the smell and odors. Use if full strength with a sponge of cloth.


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