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What is the best type of furniture with kids in the house?

I have 3 kids all under the age of 13 (13,9,5) and would like new furniture. It will have to last for many years and would like the best that I can get. I’ve been told to go with microfiber but would like some advise on what you’ve had and has worked. Thanks for any recommendations.

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8 Responses to “What is the best type of furniture with kids in the house?”

  1. red riter said :

    leather, wool, or cotton will all perform better than microfiber.

  2. m143mlj said :

    Microfiber suede.
    It’s perfect. Everything wipes off with a wet cloth. I mean EVERYTHING.
    I have three kids, the oldest being three, and I wipe down the couch daily. Baby spit up, toddler wipes nose on the side of the couch, someone jumped on the couch with a pizza-covered face—–comes off no problems!!
    We have two couches and a love seat in microfiber—–they are in great condition!

  3. taximomuv3 said :

    One word – SLIPCOVERS! Buy a simple designed sofa and have a couple of slipcovers handy. You could also scout consignment stores for well-built furniture that you could either slipcover or reupholster & they hold up much better than some of the junk that’s out there right now. I’ve recovered mine twice already and it’s still solid as the day we bought it – it’s been through 3 teens, 3 dogs, and now 2 grandkids!

  4. Ikkin said :

    Leather is really the ideal furniture because it cleans easily and reduces dust mites. It doesn’t wear of much as any other fabric. I personally hate microfiber because I think it looks like cheap suede.

  5. LittleBarb said :


  6. cheezy said :

    we have 3 sons & waited til the youngest turned 12 (couldn’t wAit any longer lol) to buy a leather couch.we have been thru several living room sets with these boys—leather is the way to go!!!! save your pennies a bit longer.

  7. slopoke6968 said :

    stain resistant

  8. The Furniture Guy said :

    Hi Kmorup,

    I am bad at short answers, so bare with me. I used to work for a large furniture retailer (management, customer service, and sales through the years) and now am head writer for a consumer furniture blog in my spare time…and your question is a common one.

    First of all, you have to consider your budget. The answers talking about leather below are correct, it will be your best bet. A good corrected top grain leather piece will resist stains (when cleaned promptly, resist dust mites, and put up with the wear and tear well. It will, just so you are ready, like also be your most expensive option.

    Next would certainly be microfiber. Look for a good thick feeling (pinch the fabric on the floor model, most fabrics give themselves away in terms of durability if you just feel it) suede microfiber and it will resist most anything your kids would spill. It is also pretty resistant to puncture and tear (though certainly not perfect).

    Beyond that, you are going to be gambling on other various fabrics. Despite other responses I see, I would avoid any cotton like the plague. Cotton is popular because it usually looks so nice and it looks so nice because it takes color very well…and because it takes color well it often takes other stains well also.

    For your other pieces, for what it is worth, I would stick with distressed wood tables (so you don’t notice all the nicks the kids will surely make in it) and I would avoid glass and other “fingerprinty” materials.

    Also, let me know if there are any other questions you have. I love to help with furniture….call me sick!

    The Furniture Guy
    Lead Writer,


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