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How do I constantly get crickets in my house?

I have a finished basement where my laundry room is located along with storage space and an entertainment area with a bar… it seems like everytime I go down there to do something there is a HUGE cricket… of course I kill that one, but then next time there is another. How are they getting into my house/basement? How do I stop it?

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One Response to “How do I constantly get crickets in my house?”

  1. shortstuff said :

    Call Terminix & they can spray to eliminate them & tell you where they’re coming in at. Do you have basement windows that open? If so, are they caulked alll around them to keep insects out? Do you have gaps under your storm doors & exterior doors? The Terminix man can get rid of the crickets in your home & he’ll spray around the foundation of your home also. (yard & garage too)


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