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How do I find out what gardening “Zone” I am in?

I have been looking for annual humming bird and butterfly vines that would grow well in my area. I don’t want anything invasive.
The web sites I am looking at keep refering to certain zones…like annual for zones 3-8 and perineal for 9-10. How do I find out which one I live in??
This is serious; please don’t make fun of my rookie gardening issues.
Thank you all!! I live in the Texas Gulf Coast area and I am in zone 9! Cool, now I know! Thanks for your help! Now I just have to deal with what grows in our gumbo soil. LOL

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5 Responses to “How do I find out what gardening “Zone” I am in?”

  1. jimlive247 said :

    search yahoo…zones for planting, and click on the first one that comes up.

  2. Amadeus said :

    Here is the gardening zones for the US

  3. fluff_ball said :

    The lower the number the higher north it is the higher the more down south, you can plant any kind of annuals you want in any zone because they dont come back. If you buy a perrenial make sure it for your zone. Some plants need cold to go dormant other will die in the cold. It’s really quite simple once you know your zone, good luck

  4. rocketman9070 said :

    The USDA publishes one, should be able to check it out at www, (Ithink that is right). Anyway, Chicago is a zone 5-6, New York is a 7, SanAntonio an 8, Las Vegas a 9. I have a map, email me if you have a problem.

  5. Peter said :

    There is an interactive version of the 1990 USDA hardiness zone map covering Texas at


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