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What kinda of job could I find doing gardening and landscaping with out any acutal training?

I live in San diego and and SOOOOOO sick of my boring office job! I would like to do something outside and fun, preferbly dealing with gardening or something like that, but I dont have any real experience except for what i’ve done at home. But i dont know how or where to start. Help!

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4 Responses to “What kinda of job could I find doing gardening and landscaping with out any acutal training?”

  1. beetlejuice49423 said :

    You could start as a general laborer, digging holes or running a lawn mower and work your way up as you learn on the job. It will take time and patience until you learn more. My husband works for a landscaping company and they hire guys right out of high school for the “unskilled” positions. The more they are willing to learn, the faster they get promoted, getting their education on the job…BUT…his company has the patience TO train–a lot of companies out there prefer you come pre-trained, so be willing to let the companies you apply to know that you are willing to cross-train, work any hours (my hubby can put in 80 hours a week sometimes) no matter what the weather–rain or shine, day or night…and if you have a family, be sure they have the patience to put up with that kind of schedule–it’s not 9-5 like your office job….

  2. bubbles said :

    you could apply at a local nursery or home depot. Otherwise maybe take a horticulture or gardening class at the local college at night before you quit your day job. If you live near sea world you could see if they are hiring in that department.

  3. betty k said :

    I dont know what youve done, but ill list some chores my neighbors daughter does for me. now theres raking, cleaning out flower beds from leaves, etc, pruning bushes. mowing the lawn. planting flowers purchased at a local greenhouse in one of the large clay pots.(you could even do flower pots to sell for garden areas),cutting down the higher grass growth along the fence. Hope these chores will be of some help to you. bettyk.

  4. badwarden said :

    Try applying for a job in your city in the Park Department. They keep up with all the parks in their city. I know here the Park Dept. is in charge of the parks and flower beds all over town, ball fields and soccer fields, City Hall flower beds etc.
    Hope this helps..


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