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Where can I find some good resources on gardening and/or greenhouses?

I’m especially interested in learning greenhouse and gardening techniques that aren’t expensive to maintain after the initial setup costs.

I would be in a colder climate with 500-10,000 dollars to invest. Its a relaxing activity I think I’d enjoy that could pay off as fuel and energy costs continue to rise.

I’m especially interested in websites or books you think might help me out.


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8 Responses to “Where can I find some good resources on gardening and/or greenhouses?”

  1. elizaatfalls said :

    Ohio State U has great fact sheets to view. I’m not sure if they have one on greenhouses but this will keep you busy for a while.

  2. irene said :

    in a shop where you can find lots of gardening equipments

  3. jobaby said :

    Try HGTV,they also have a web site-Go to your local library in the horticulture sections-Tons of books available

  4. Bonnie B said :

    When I first started it was the library, Barnes and Nobel (they have excellent books there), your local nurseries, and of course, catalogs which have enormous amount of information describing plants, flowers and pricing of greenhouses.(
    The best books I have found were:
    Better Homes and Garden “Garden ideas and Outdoor living”
    Better Homes and Gardens “New Garden Book”
    “1,001 Gardening Secrets The Experts Never Tell You”
    “Jerry Baker’s” numerous books(Master Gardener)and of course my favorite, Paul James”Gardening by the Yard” on HG TV. Hope that helps!

  5. BARRIE said :

    Near the top right hand corner of your screen is a box marked ‘Search the Web’ key into this box ‘Gardening’ then click on the ‘Search’ button. You will find pages listing Gardening Web sites and I’m sure you will find what you are looking for.

  6. Stacy said :

    Your local Cooperative Extension is a great resource. Many retail websites and books aren’t specific to the area you live in. It’s a good place to start.

  7. RAVI B said :

    a greenhouse is a place where u can do gardening.i suggest u learn greenhouse techniques first.u may pl contact polycarbonate sheet suppliers viz.GEPLASTICS,TUFLITE PLASTICS MACROLON polycarbonates etc., to guide u on low cost techniques of building greenhouses.then contact ur local agricultural department for guidance on gardening.gardening ie.,agriculture is a deep and wonderful subject which will give a peace of mind than anything else good luck

  8. j said :

    if u got 10000$ 2 invest just go on holidays


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