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Where can I find a nice tulip gardening kit for my stepmom?

Mother’s Day is coming up and I once got my stepmother a nice kit with pots and seeds to grow her own flowers, preferably tulips as they are her favorite. I cannot recall where I purchased this and cannot find anything alike on the usual flower websites. Any other gardening gift ideas would be appreciated as well.

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4 Responses to “Where can I find a nice tulip gardening kit for my stepmom?”

  1. golf golf golf said :

    home depot
    and more
    look in google

  2. wheelieman said :

    go to a good gardening centre they will have what you want
    also look for nice smelling flowers like hyachinehs, primroses
    and violets

  3. uglydog said :

    Breck’s has some nice collections to do a whole garden for a decent price, plus they have free gifts with some items, and $25 more products free with a $50 purchase (no, I am not a company rep!) I ordered a tulip/daffodil collection over 10 years ago that is still blooming. I don’t know about kits or how much you want to spend, but you could probably pick up a nice planter and soil at a local garden center to go with the bulbs. Only thing is, you might not be able to get tulip bulbs right now, they are usually sold in the fall!

  4. susanb said :

    Some links to different gardening sites and gardening gift ideas from in the themed gift section. My mother-in-law got seed balls, which help the seeds stay put and not get eaten by animals or blow away. She thought they were a great gift.


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