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What Can I buy my gardening grandad for his birthday?

I have no idea what I can buy my grandad for his 60th birthday; he is a keen gardener but obviously I don’t want to spend a lot as I am a poor student but still want to get him something thoughtful. Any ideas folks?

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9 Responses to “What Can I buy my gardening grandad for his birthday?”

  1. wolfgirl said :

    I find the Original Gift Company really useful… I saw a lot of gardening things that you can personalise.

    They do a catalogue, that’s how I found out about them.

    Some things are expensive but you can get some offers or you could go joint with someone else.

  2. gazzsmith59 said :

    a garden centre gift card then he can choose what he really wants.

  3. cloudnine said :

    Crocus is a good webiste with some nice gift ideas – link below. If you do purchase from them check out the discount/promotional codes on the second link for a discount

  4. Duisend-poot said :

    I also suggest a Garden Centre gift card, he can then choose whatever he really needs, maybe he wants a special plant, or a particular colour of plant. I would , if i was him love to receive something like that for my birthday, better than getting something you don’t really need.

    You could also get him a six month subscription for a Gardening magazine or something. Good luck .:)

  5. ali said :

    your grandad being a keen gardener has most porbably got most of the tools he needs,mayb u cud get him a garden centre voucher or mayb u cud book him tickets to an event such as the chelshea flower show,i dont think they are very expensive.if not u cud buy him a different flower,one which is rare.

  6. bdausey said :

    I suggest that you consider buying a garden kneel-er for him. They really help to both cushion the knees and to get up from a kneeling position.

    I bought one for myself last summer and use it ALL the time! Here is a link to an online site that sells them for $39.99. I have seen plastic versions at Walmart, Target, etc for about $15 or so.

  7. david m said :

    If he regularly buys a gardening magazine why not get him a year`s subscription,then when it drops through his letter box each month it`ll remind him how much you love him.

  8. Landscaper said :

    What about nice set of hand tools? I know I bought my green fingered mother a boxed set with a planting trowel, hand fork, and a normal trowel in and I think it was only £25. Plus it comes in a nice presentation box.

  9. Jason said :

    I know this is an old post but Voucher is not live any more. You can still find the Crocus vouchers here though


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