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Gardening advice for a beginer in the UK please?

I have a patio area outside my french windows…and I have a lot o plants in pots there which look great but I want to add hanging baskets or creepers….something which grows fast and gives a good show…or a shrub or tree in a pot? What looks good and isnt too dear please?

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3 Responses to “Gardening advice for a beginer in the UK please?”

  1. blue daisy said :

    My local B&Q have reduced a lot of their hanging baskets etc to half price , so you could have a look at your nearest B&Q.
    For a quick colouful show you can buy trays of bedding plants to fill your pots.
    For a climber honey suckle`s scent is lovely on a summer evening ,also sweet peas grow quickly .Good luck with your garden.

  2. robert C said :

    pansies , petunias, impatients are ideal for hanging baskets , long lasting and showy

  3. Nana said :

    There’s alot of gardening tips here for you to refer to from tools, design, fountain, furniture etc, hope this helps.


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