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When it comes to gardening, what is there no better laborsaving device than?

I’m trying to find the gardening device that takes a lot of the work out of gardening and so far, I’ve had no success.

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10 Responses to “When it comes to gardening, what is there no better laborsaving device than?”

  1. aaeon said:

    What kind of gardening?

    I’ve used a tool for weeding which is a V, about 5″ on the side, 2.5″ on the back, straight sides, curved at just the right angle. It has a long enough pole that you can stand. and it pulls weeds on both the push and pull stroke. It is the best thing I have used for weeding at least… And of course it hasn’t been made for 50 years; you’ll have to find an old one. This is NOT a hoe.

    For 6-14′ high branches up to about 6″ , fiskars makes a combo extending pole saw/lopper that’s awesome, and that’s from a chainsaw guy.

    Insofar as you are not starting from seeds, pre-emergent chemical controls like preen are great at reducing weeds.

    Possible the best laborsaving device is the neighbor’s kid who has some spare time on his hands but no $.

    Good luck, and have fun!

  2. Cornpatch said:

    Hired help 🙂

  3. jeff s said:

    a tiller and alot of mulch

  4. Texas McCoy said:

    I have a Manits rototiller and I LOVE IT! It is much smaller than a normal rototiller (only about a foot wide!) and very easy to handle and maneuver. You can even use it between existing plants/rows of plants without disturbing them. It makes tilling/weeding SO much easier to manage and is actually a bit fun too.

  5. mickey said:

    i’m a professional gardener and the tool thats saved me the most time is a thing called a garden claw. it breaks up the soil beautifully with a minimum of effort because of the way its shaped (claws at an angle). its also small enough that you can work between individual plants. you can get it with either a short or long handle. i got one of each. also good is a well-made, very sharp pair of bypass trimmers (fits in one hand). those large 2-hands needed pruning shears are no good! another good item is a tubular shaped hole digger for planting bulbs in the fall. and a good quality pair of gardening gloves is always appreciated.

  6. murphy said:

    We are avid home gardeners and the thing that saves us the most labor is …. the application of pre-emergents at appropriate times. Pre-emergents keep seeds from sprouting and in essence that means NO WEEDS. (It would not be an approved practice of organic gardeners but does it save a lot of labor? YES!)

  7. ujd272 said:

    I’m with Mickey. The Garden Claw is excellent. I use it to break up soil and to till in amendments. It sure saves my back!!

  8. Sknlvr10 said:

    This is a really loaded question that has meny number areas for reasonable answer for meny topics. That is from small Gardeners to large Estates, Vegetable Gardens, Landscape Lawns Estates and Shrubs, Trees, Turf lawns, Golf Driving ranges and other industrial Gardening topics
    1.) The Common Walk behind Self prepelled Lawn Mower,to riding lawn mower.
    2) Weed Trimmers both Residentials In Useages to Commerical Useages.
    3) The Gas powered Leaf Blower, Gas powered Hedge Trimmers,
    from 24″ to 36″ size single blades to double edge Cut Blades,
    Adjustable angle cuts etc.
    4.)Roto Tillers large style from 3Hp to Large 15 Hp. and down to the small Cultervator Tillers both electracal,gas powered Honda unleaded gas powered to the Mallet cultervator 2 cycle gas powered type.
    5.)Single Pole to Extinion type pole Gas Powered Triming Saws,
    for small trees,Fruitor Vines from 8′ to 20′ Ext.
    6.) Not to mention from the small elecrical wire chain saws,to small pruning chain saws 10″,12′,16″ Bars upto the average commercial Residential Combonation useage 20″ to24″.
    Now as first a Gardener/landscaper Contractor License in the State of Ca. Working in The Area of Sacramento Ca.
    I know from First had each and every one of these items.
    I fill save time in my work due to gas powered equipment, everytime. There is time to save in every job however you got to also know by useage of the equipment useage. This is important also. If you are not comfortable and confident on proper safe handling of these tools. Then this is how accidents may occur in the hands of untrained people that try to use them.
    I have seen meny people untrained get hurt using this equipement so. The use of Reading instructions follow good safe,rules, safety equipment like.
    a) Gloves,Goggles,Ear plugs or Ear Muffs,Safety Shields:
    All these are important when applied for the right Tools for the useage.
    So, I hope this License Landscape Contractor has given you some more insight in your question more in depth for laborsaving reasonable useage equipment now.
    Oh, yes if you live in a snow area then you also need to think of snow removal equipment. This also will be good faster labor saving for snow removal. This again can be 3 Hp. to 15 Hp motors. Then Bigger depend on Residential or Commercial useage.

  9. northville said:

    hiring it done- that will save you a whole lot of labor and give the neighbor boy cash in his pocket.

  10. vickeymcgee said:

    You can always hire a landscaper or professional gardener.


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