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What are some types of flowers used in victorian arrangements?

I was asked to make centerpieces and some tessy messys for a Christmas Victorian tea our local library is having. I have looked up a lot about victorian floral arrangements but im trying to think of creative things to put in the arrangement. I have a few ideas like holly, gold spray-painted pine cones & twigs, evergreen.
My colors are red, gold and silver.

So do you have any suggestions to what i could put in the arrangement or something very victorian i could incorporate?

Thanks so much for your help!

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One Response to “What are some types of flowers used in victorian arrangements?”

  1. Darjeeling Snow said :

    * roses would be appropriate
    and * for the (Tussie-Mussies…the way I learned the spelling) you could use some little carnations in different colors with some tiny white flowers and greens

    here is something to look at in case it would inspire you
    and specifically
    How To Make a Christmas Centrepiece
    How To Make a Christmas Wreath

    just found
    Tussie-Mussies “Talking Bouquets”



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