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How to eliminate crab grass ?

One of the grass types in the genus Digitaria is crab grass. This kind of grass is most common in the climates of Asia and Europe. Grasses in this genus are commonly referred to as “finger grass” due to its long stalk production during fall and summer seeds and flowering. In most of the regions of the world, crab grass is identified as invasive and noxious weed, and will readily take over, choking out other plant species.

Particularly, crab grass is believed to be the garden’s plague all over the world. Mostly in lawns, crab grass can cause huge amount of damage as they the lawns cultivation with grotesque sharp leaves. Moreover, crab grass can rapidly spread making it very hard to manage.

Crab grass’s habits are very much comparable to most grasses. Most types of grasses have adapted matted growth habits more likely as crab grass for them to overpower and choke their rival plants. This is to make sure that they get all the nutrients in water, soil and sunlight as possible. The matted growth properties of grass enables them to grow shoots, which is very advantageous for them when develop into new plants. This makes the grass seeding unnecessary.

It is quite frustrating when crab grass is introduced to lawns due to its ability to choke out native plants, which are not prepared to protect themselves. Crab grass can especially be a big problem in a more delicate ecosystem. However, there are couple of ways to prevent your lawns from acquiring crab grass. You can use the natural way or with the help of herbicides. Natural method includes mowing high allowing good grasses to shade the ground making it hard for crab grass to thrive. Herbicides are used to treat lawns and prevent the growth of crab grass along with the shoots before they get the chance to arise.

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