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How do you get rid of cat crap smell?

We recently moved into a house where the lady had two cats and didn’t really care where they did their business. The smell in the basement is so bad it makes your eyes water. We have tried bleach, pet cleaning products. It just isn’t helping. Any suggestions?
The smell is in the basement on concrete floor and stone walls. We don’t have cats are some of us are allergic.

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41 Responses to “How do you get rid of cat crap smell?”

  1. lauren k said :


  2. csucdartgirl said :

    It’s called “Nature’s Miracle” and you can find it at pet stores, but it’s like $7 for a 16 oz bottle. Good luck.

  3. Curious Jorge said :

    MOVE !!! lol.. just kidding. Try keeping all your windows open for few days. Just dont let the burglers in. Fresh air will recycle the old air.

  4. Man.With.A.Plan said :


  5. Steph said :

    baking soda worked for me

  6. xox_bass_player_xox said :


  7. pierres_gurl_12 said :

    lots of Lysol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Aaron W said :

    Try lemon concentrate let set in areas, applying Arm & Hammer to dry it up and sweep it up. The smell is most likely spray from male cats. Citric acid can break it down and the powder will help catch it.

  9. krngurney said :

    You need to clean the area with a caustic soda solution or call in an expert cleaning service.
    As I was reading this I immediately thought I could smell the cat poo.
    I’ve owned cats and I know first hand what the smell is that you are describing.

  10. bajinnoly said :

    1.clean the cat litter
    2.clean the cat litter
    3.clean the cat litter

  11. kendra said :

    Had the exact same problem when I moved in!!!!! What’s worse is that I have my own cats, and I knew they would all start spraying if they smelled that!

    I rented a carpet/hard floor cleaner for a week and bought a pet cleaner called “Nature’s Miracle”. It took three 2 gallon jugs and tons of scrubbing, but it did work. Bleach won’t work, you have to use the pet cleaner, and it can be poured right into those machines.
    I’ve been fostering, working with kennels, and owning pets for over 10 years and I swear by this stuff.
    Good luck, I know how bad it sucks=((

  12. Snappy said :


  13. candie said :

    well if you have carpet maybe all the carpet should be pulled up because if they just went every were for a long time then that spell isnt going any were and if its regular floor try pinesol that works

  14. lilcherrigal28 said :

    the same thing happened to have to use like this carpet cleaner stuff…i forgot what it is called. use a lot of febreeze too!

  15. staindgarden said :

    i just found out about this new stuff, but i haven’t used it yet, no chemicals

  16. pinky said :

    Air effects,fabreeze,air freshener…

  17. Igor said :

    White vinegar is a great non chemical cleaner that will get rid of the smell. Granted it will smell like vinegar for a few days but that smell will go away as opposed to the cat pee smell.

  18. nenasknight said :

    It depends on the surface, but baking soda is always a good option. For carpets, sprinkle it on and leave it their for about an hour or so. Then go back and thorougly vacuum it. For hard surfaces, try a baking soda and water solution.

  19. Honeycherub said :

    Champa incense, that takes care of any smell. Then Febreze. And if that doesn’t work, you’re gonna have to kick the kitty out the doe

  20. lorriencolorado said :

    I found this stuff at Walmart called kids and pets, you can find it either in paint department or in the cleaning section, it works miracles on cat odors!

  21. katy said :

    get rid of the cat

  22. army_of_one073 said :

    air fresheners or you might just have to remove all old carpeting and put new or try a carpet cleaner that is all i can think of to do best of luck

  23. lickum_low_stickum_high said :

    the nature’s miracle stuff is the best works on oders

  24. wendi timney said :

    With Baking Soda

  25. smart person said :

    If it is on the carpet, the only way to really get rid of the smell is to get new carpet. If you don’t have the money for that, then I would suggest professional carpet cleaning. There are also many products made specifically for removing pet odor. Febreeze is another good choice. Lastly, using a scented vacuum powder when you clean can help and get some sort of air freshener that is made to remove odor.

  26. aaron t said :

    uhhh….. it is hell of obvious. get disinfectant spray

  27. jenny2tone said :

    Wow! I bet it’s in the floor! You are going to have to tear up the carpet or whatever is down and scrub the “naked” floor with some pet cleaner. I put down some cat litter with the crystals in it to absorb the smell and wetness. (If you have cats that wont work they will think it is thier new box)

  28. Buster H said :

    I posted this answer to another question in this string:
    Citric acid actually adheres to and changes the molecular structure of any odor (good or bad…roses or skunk odor, the chemical doesn’t know the difference). Take orange peels, put in a blender( peels from about 4 oranges), fill the blender the rest of the way with water. Blend till the peels are about gone. Drain the pulp. The solution is what you want. It has to be clean enough that it will go through a spray bottle. The same thing works for stinky mop water, dog/cat smell on furniture, etc. It doesn’t stain and is pet safe (it’s oranges)
    There is a product called NI 712 from Neutron Industries in Phx AZ..1 quick burst from that product will kill skunk odor in about 2 seconds. It’s citrus based. No other chemicals. I BTW don’t work there. I’ve used the product.

  29. lil2394 said :

    u can get the smell out by having frebezze carpet fresh and aroma spray

  30. mother_of_3 said :


  31. Joey said :

    you will need a couple gallons of oust or lysol, ad some gas masks. then be creative.

  32. anjelkake said :

    use a creme brule flame thrower and lightly char all the surfaces.

  33. frenchie_for_you said :

    smoke a hog leg and you wont smell that smell

  34. tralfamadorius said :

    Cut your nose off

  35. andrewsmommy said :

    vinegar water. Yes, you will smell the vinegar, but it won’t linger for very long.

  36. tuckerdog said :

    drive by shooting……………..kill the cat

  37. bugsy10468 said :

    You move and let the cats stay behind or shit on the and see how they like that

  38. Michelle A said :

    Replace any and all Carpeting in the house and plenty of Ventilation!

  39. Rui said :

    Try this……..

    Mixed some diesel and detergent or soap in an adequate container.
    It depends on how big the affected area is (which is the basement) then wash the basement with the mixture. Use a hard broom brush to clear the you know what. Leave it for about one hour then wash off using your normal practice.

    If that doesn’t work go to the hospital and ask the cleaner there what do there use to clear out stubborn stains blood urine and heavy smell. They can give you some good suggestions.

    Good Luck.

  40. shstrght said :

    I had the same problem when we bought our home. The corner of the bedroom was used for thier potty room, I could not afford new carpeting at the moment,so I cut out a good size square of carpeting and padding(making sure I had all the soiled carpet).First I soaked it in the bathtub…changing water every 15 minutes until the water was running clear, then I scrubbed it with vinegar and water, while the carpeting is drying I painted the floor were I took the the carpet from, when everything was dried…I put the carpet and padding back…you could not tell that the carpet was cut.On the basement floor…nothing helped, it had been used so long as a potty room that the smell was inbedded in the concrete….so I cleaned the floor good and let it dry,,then I painted the floor. The paint acts as a barrier and no more smell.GOOD LUCK

  41. nick said :



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