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How do you get gasoline and its smell out of shoes?

The automatic shutoff did not work and gas spilled onto my husbands loafers. Any suggestions how to deal with the smell?

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4 Responses to “How do you get gasoline and its smell out of shoes?”

  1. captmhunt said :

    Rub them with a lemon half.

  2. snowbird said :

    I don’t believe anything will totally get the smell out, only make it worse. I suggest throwing them away. OOPS!

  3. sam said :

    other than a match (lol) try a lemon half. You could try rubbing tomato juice on them as well, it works for skunk smell. Good luck!

  4. Mom of 3 said :

    Leave them out in the sun. The sun will evaporate the gas smell. Good luck! =0)


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