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How do I install an anti-siphon loop under my kitchen sink?

My home inspector recommended I install one between my dishwasher and kitchen sink. I can’t find one at the hardware store and I don’t know what one looks like. Can someone please shed some light?

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2 Responses to “How do I install an anti-siphon loop under my kitchen sink?”

  1. Michael Y said :

    Hi, an anti-siphon loop is a pipe with an ‘U’ shaped. It looks similar to the bottom portion of a musical instrument saxophone with an angular open end.

    The reason as to why he recommended you to install is that it is to prevent any backflow of water between the kitchen sink and diswasher or visa-versa.

    Another term for anti-siphon loop is a sink bottle trap.

    It is rather difficult for me to explain in words but if you can purchase this anti-siphon from either a hardware or plumbing shop, they would be able to explain the procedure to you.

    I have to say that it can very time consuming and frustrating while installing this under the sink because of water seeping out after installation and sawing of pipes to the required length.. I did all these DIY works at home by myself and that is why I am able to highlight he above to you.

    Alternatively, you may wish to get plumbers to quote for the purchase and installation for the entire works. At the same time, ask them for 6 months warranty after the installation works so that should any leak appears, you can call them back and make good.

    With the above, it saves you the trouble of hunting for the anti-siphon and doing the installation work yourself.

    You just need to sit back, let them do the work and pay them upon satisfactory completion of the work..

  2. sensible_man said :

    All you need to do is disconnect the drainhose under the sink and run it up high through the side of the cabinet next to the DW. It then goes back down to the drain piping at the sink drain and forms an anti-siphon loop. Basically, it is the same as the trap on all your other fixtures. Another way is to install an Air-gap which sits on top the sink counter. Available at Home Centers.


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