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Do kitchen cabinets come in 17 inch width or will I have to make them?

I am adding some cabinets to my kitchen along a wall that has dimensions of 84 inches long by 17 inches deep. I want to add more cabinets and a desk area. I want to know if stores like home depot or lowes have these prefab or if I’ll have to make them myself.

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6 Responses to “Do kitchen cabinets come in 17 inch width or will I have to make them?”

  1. Byron P said :

    Go to Lowes and Home Depot and find out!
    If you know how to make them yourself already then you’re better off anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Y'all said :

    Most companies don’t make 17″ wide cabinets. You would have to find a custom cabinet maker. Or you could get a 15″ cabinet and put a 2″ filler on the side of it.

  3. Electrical Inspector said :

    Standard cabinet sizes are graduated in 3″ widths, starting at 9″. Standard depths are 12″ deep for wall cabinets, 24″ deep for base cabinets, and 18″ or 21″ deep for vanity and desk cabinets.

    If you are looking for a 17″ depth, you could fir out some 12″ wall cabinets (30″ high) and build up a toe kick area below them, or cut down the “knocked-down” cabinets sold by home centers. This shouldn’t be too tough, since they are in pieces when you purchase them.

  4. Mike G said :

    You have to cut down and modify the 24″ deep cabinets.

    And when asking you meant the depth of the cabinets, no?

  5. emmymn said :

    Your stock cabinets are going to be 21″ deep for vanity, 24″ deep for kitchen bases and 12″ deep for wall cabs. If you are looking specifically for 17″ cabinets you will need to special order those in, with whatever upcharge the cabinet company you chose charges. (Generally there is an increased depth cost anywhere from 15% to 75% of the original cabinet cost.) The more custom you get, the more your countertops will cost as well as you may be getting charged for the standard depth plus the additional special sized cost.

    You can certainly pull the cabinets away from the wall add a toekick and finish it off with a panel, but you would be wasting quite a bit of storage space. If you want 17″ deep, price them out. The upcharges you will incur may be the deciding factor, that maybe a standard 24″ deep or even a 12″ deep wall cabinet at the base will suffice.

  6. DyrtByrd said :

    use filler strips.


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