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How can I make my medicine cabinet look like new?

The medicine cabinet in my bathroom is very old. I don’t currently have the money or time to get a new one. But the inside is rusty and its very, very out dated. I want it to look fresh, but how would I do that? Is there any tricks/tips to doing so?

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4 Responses to “How can I make my medicine cabinet look like new?”

  1. MJ said :

    Unscrew it from the wall after removing the mirrors very carefully. Grab a metal brush to brush the loose, chipped paint and rust off and dust out with a old t-shirt or sock. Then lay on top of some cardboard ( I just use a broken down box), grab a can of Rustoleum primer paint and give quick even sprays to the whole inside. DO NOT give a heavy coat, spray a second coat on if necessary but a heavy coat will look runny and ugly).

  2. p0rtside said :

    We had one that looked pretty crappy…so I took a can of white/white spray paint and coated the outer frame and sides of the cabinet.

    It didn’t look half bad afterwards.

  3. BrandonLeslie77 said :

    They are not that expensive. You can get one at Ace Hardware for 20 dollars. If you are going to remove the old one to go through all the trouble of trying to spruce it up, GET A NEW ONE!

  4. chernovaarchr said :


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