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How long will a grass lawn take to be full green and dense?

I have a KBG grass but it’s not that dense yet and deep green. How long does it take for a lawn to be at it’s full beauty. Does it take two years, months to see some improvement? I’m planning to aerate, fertilize every season, weed control and insect control once a year. I just can’t wait I want a walk barefoot on a carpeted thick, dense deep-blue lawn.

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4 Responses to “How long will a grass lawn take to be full green and dense?”

  1. krk said :

    In about a week.

  2. johnbenn_2000 said :

    Fertilize 4 times per year. Early Spring, Late Spring, early summer,early fall. In the Spring Use Pre-Emergent crabgrass control as well as a hi nitrogen content. In late Spring use A fertilizer with weed control with a number like 28-4-11. In summer use 10-10-10 & insect control. In the fall use 32-0-0. Aerate as often as possible and water whenever you can. Also set your lawnmower up to cut 3 inches and leave the clippings down. In two years you will have the lawn you want. Good luck.

  3. Taylor S said :

    you should definitely fertilize it. but whether you do or don’t it’ll take a couple weeks to grow nice and thick.

  4. Karl said :

    ! 10-10-10! 32-0-0! POISON THE SOIL!
    Find yourself a good organics…..turf-tone, every 3 mnths first yr, then less the following yr.


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