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Do laminate wood flooring and water mix?

I am looking to redo the flooring in my home and am looking at putting laminate wood flooring in my kitchen. Is this a good or bad idea? Will the water that gets spilled on it from various daily duties compromise the integrity of the flooring?

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8 Responses to “Do laminate wood flooring and water mix?”

  1. chase said :

    yes , I think you are right. They say never use water to clean wood laminate flooring

  2. ROY said :

    There are laminate flooring products which are made specifically for damp areas such as kitchens and or bathrooms. Visit your local flooring supplies and talk to someone in the know. I have had laminate flooring in my bathroom for eight years no problem and we have three grandchildren who seem to think that bathtime is splashtime

  3. oil field trash said :

    It depends on the substrate that is used and how it is installed. Some flooring has a substrate that will swell when it is exposed to water. If you have this type and it is the snap together type then eventually you will have a problem.

    Some manufacturers say you can use their flooring in wet areas if the seams are all glued together and the edges caulked.

    You need to check with the supplier and manufacturer as to what you need.

  4. heart o' gold said :

    With laminate flooring you want to clean up any water right away. Cleaning a laminate floor with water, like mopping, even if you think your mop is well wrung out, will eventually ruin the floor. Even a dog dish sitting in one spot will get enough condensation on the bottom to eventually cause a problem in that spot. If you have a big leak, you have a real problem.

    If you have lots of spills/moisture hitting the floor, I suggest looking into the heavier grades of fiberglass core vinyl for your kitchen. There are some great wood looks and it is totally impervious to moisture.

  5. Kcirtap N said :

    also the duration of that standing water on the wood.

  6. dusty8940 said :

    I would look into other options. Wood flooring, tile, or stone would be some good choices. Of if you have a concrete subfloor in the kitchen another good option is acid stained concrete.

  7. ahmet12-97n said :
  8. esokolovnsub said :


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