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How do I clean kitchen cabinets ?

If you want to restore the original looks of your cabinet, you can clean it safely by using a mixture of water and soap, and cleaning it using green scrubbing pad or sponge. Make sure not to use scrub brushes or steel wool, or other material that may scratch the wood of you cabinet. Pay particular attention to the parts around the cabinet handles for it is the place where most of the dusts are located. To make you cleaning easier, you can remove all the hardware on you cabinet like drawer pull and handles.

You can also use all-purpose household cleaner to clean your cabinets in the same manner. In this case, make sure that you read and understand the instruction that goes with the cleaner to ensure the maintenance of your cabinet’s wood finish. Even so, it is best to try out the product on a hidden part of your cabinet just to be safe. Furthermore, if you will be using a stronger chemical or detergent, make sure to empty your cabinets first.

If you want to be sure and use all-natural remedy, there are quite a few. Vinegar is one great all-purpose cleaner, which you can use for your cabinets without the harsh effect on your wood finish and removes build up safely. If just a regular cleaning is required for your cabinet, vinegar and water solution will do the trick. If you have stubborn and sticky build up, you can use pure vinegar. Baking soda and water can create a paste, which you can also use as scrub,

If you are having some problem with the type of wood on your cabinet making it difficult to clean, you can use paint remover. Make sure to take extreme caution if you are considering this method. In addition, since you will be working in you kitchen, remember that there should be no flame or any source of heat nearby. You may also want to open your windows to make your kitchen a well-ventilated place.

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