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What can you do to get water stains off a wood finish?

I have this beautiful cherry wood finish dinette set that my grandson put cups on, and now there are these areas that look like you could just polish with a clothe, but that doesn’t work. Thanks for any help.

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3 Responses to “What can you do to get water stains off a wood finish?”

  1. John D said:

    Try polishing with toothpaste – it worked for me.
    Good luck!

  2. laor1210 said:

    Put some white toothpaste on a dampened cloth then dip the toothpaste in baking soda and rub over water marks in a circular motion. Hope this works for you.

  3. panfish said:

    if the toothpast doesn’t work, try – they have good products thatt work – a refinisher will do the trick without a lot of work.


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