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What is the average cost to fix a home foundation?

I own a 3 unit home in CT and just recently noticed that it’s starting to lean to one side. Also, the basement gets flooded after a storm – which never happened before. Anyone have a ballpark of how much it would cost to get it fixed?

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2 Responses to “What is the average cost to fix a home foundation?”

  1. woodtick314 said:

    Have a local contractor (or 3) take a look at it. There is no way to know how extensive the damage is without seeing it, so there’s no way to give you an accurate answer. Compare the bids closely, to ensure that all are bidding the same scope of work. Ask for and check references and proof of insurance. remember that the low bid is not necessarily the best bid. Hope this helps.

  2. Bill the House Detective said:

    If the foundation wall is leaning and leaking and the house is tilting you should hire a
    Structural Engineer.
    Some foundation contractors have structural engineers and some don’t.
    A structural engineer should cost from 300 to 500 and will be worth it.
    The structural engineer will inspect the property, give a written report about what should be done and give a written estimate of costs.
    They also put their professional stamp on it.

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