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Where in the USA should I live ?

Looking to make that move, but not sure where the best place to call home is? Sperling’s list of best places to live provides answers you need to plan your next mood. Following is the lowdown of five of Sperling’s top popular picks!

1. Portland, Oregon. As of 2007, Portland’s population comes in at 537, 081. Situated in the northwest corner of the state, Portland boasts an impressive and positive job growth rate. The cost of living is 9.09% higher than the United States, with the average house cost being $387,400. Portland offers food, culture, recreation… all in one place.

2. Austin, Texas. With a population of 709,893, Austin enjoys growth in industry and commerce, making it a wonderful place to work and live. Situated southwest of Dallas, with cities San Antonio and Houston nearby, Austin enjoys the benefits of city life without actually being one. The median home cost in Austin is $312,500, with a whopping 3.80% appreciation value for the past year. Interestingly, Austin’s cost of living is actually 3.86% lower than the United States average.

3. Charlotte, North Carolina. This hidden gem is an up and coming metropolis. Sporting a population growth of nearly 17% since 2000, Charlotte is home to 630,478 people. And, with a cost of living that is 9.3% lower than the U.S. average, it is easy to see its appeal. The average house price in Charlotte is $253,600. Add to this a positive job growth rate, a low unemployment rate, and competitive schools with low student to teacher ratios, along with shopping, culture, and wonderful opportunities for recreation and Charlotte is pretty near perfect.

4. Denver, Colorado. Don’t sell the mile-high city short. Denver offers plenty to those looking to relocate. Home to 566,974, Denver offers snowy winters with humid but mild summers. The average home price is $319,700, but the cost of living is merely 4.88% higher than the U.S. average. Unemployment rates are low, while job growth is at a high, making Denver a great place to work and live.

5. Atlanta, Georgia. Enjoy all the southern comfort you can bear in fast-moving culture-rich ATL! Atlanta is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the southeast. Nearly 500,000 people reside in Atlanta. The average house costs $433,900, with the cost of living being 12.21% higher than the US average. Convenient to shopping, theater, professional sports, and other metro areas, Atlanta enjoys positive job and population growth.

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