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What is the difference between horticulture, gardening and botany?

I am presuming plantlife links the three, but are they related disciplines? Where does one draw the boundary (please in simple terms) between them?


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2 Responses to “What is the difference between horticulture, gardening and botany?”

  1. thegubmint said :

    Horticulture is sort of the art of plant-growing, blending things like environmental needs, plant compatibility, hybridization, etc. Gardening is the mechanical part, digging in the dirt, planting stuff, watering, etc. Botany is the scientific study of plant life.

  2. Kevin C said :

    Horticulture is the science of growing plants. In general it covers ornamental plants and also most vegetable and orchard crops. It does not include the growing of grain, that’s agriculture. One could specialize (as I do) in ornamental horticulture and go into landscape design/ and maintenance.

    Gardening isn’t a science, it’s a pass-time. One can garden for pleasure or for home orcharding or vegetable gardens, but it’s not a profession for those people. In general all outdoor plant/ and lawn activity is lumped into “gardening”.

    Botany is a science. It is the study of how plants grow and live. In this science you’re looking more at the ‘inside’ of the plant, whereas in Horticulture you’re looking more at the ‘outside’ of the plant.

    I hope that this helps


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