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How do I start a lawn mowing business when I’m a kid?

I’m 14 and I need the money for the apple mac mini for a later buisness project but I don’t know how to handle a business or anything like that! If you can please provide all the details on how and when and all that other stuff about lawn mowing.
How do I get it in a CRV or a Honda pilot?

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3 Responses to “How do I start a lawn mowing business when I’m a kid?”

  1. Amanda said :

    its good you are keen to work, firstly ,make up some flyers and deliver them locally, and to the regions aound you, and as you get work you can go further try different places, as you might not get work in the first place you try. pick one suburb at a time maybe one a week. the only thing being you will need to have someone drive you from place to place.
    good luck

  2. bubba209 said :

    make sure you have acess to the basic tools rake, trimmer,and mower then you have to do the flyers and best thing to do is work locally where you can get to your jobs remember tool maintenance,gas has to come out of the profits unless someone is supplying them for free get a planner or notebook to write down dates and times of people who call then you know where you have to go in that day since it is winter depending on where you live why not shovel snow people’s driveways,walkways etc to make some startup money for mowing or start your savings with this idea work fter school and on weekends if you want the pc bad enough you have to put the time in hope your venture works out for you

  3. Clayton said :

    When I was your age we simply walked around the neighbourhood looking for lawns needing to be cut! Then things just grew from there! If you have access to a printer you can print up some small business cards to leave stuck in the door when no one is home. After a short while I had lawns that I was expected to cut on a weekly bases. There`s also hedge trimming, and minor painting that may be needed. Once you get started it seems to fall into place if you do a good job!


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