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How to clean a teen girls bedroom and keep it clean and organised?

Ok so my bedroom, is ALWAYS messy, and mum is forever telling me to clean it..I would like to no how to clean it fast and with little or no cleaning every week because i really hate cleaning it hahaha, If i keep it clean and organized i wont need to clean it as much, but im not sure how too, so I’m here asking you guys (: Can you PLEASE help me!! xo

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10 Responses to “How to clean a teen girls bedroom and keep it clean and organised?”

  1. Ken W said :

    1. Whore yourself out for money.
    2. Use the money to hire a maid.
    3. Stop being so f*cking lazy.

  2. Bluejack Jack said :

    1) clean up really well once
    2) dont be a slob and let it get messy again so you don`t have to clean it!

  3. Holly said :

    I put my pick up every night before i go to bed. I put my clothes in the basket right when I take it off. If I eat in my room, I immediately take my trash to the kitchen or put it in the trash can. I only dust and vacuum when I see fit.

  4. Stephanie said :

    watch shows on hgtv for organaztion ideas but if you dont train your self to be clean and ordily then it wont matter what system you have it will never work

  5. Miki said :

    I had that problem until I went through all my things and donated or threw out what I didn’t use anymore. I threw away tattered clothes, broken toys, and expired makeup. I donated toys and clothes that were in good shape 🙂

  6. scratchingwolf said :

    Don’t leave anything on the floor. If you have a carpet on the floor, that is hard work to vacuum. See if you can get your parents to put in vinyl or similar instead. It is better for hygiene too, since it can be mopped, whereas the dirt keeps sitting in the carpet far longer in most cases.

    Don’t leave anything on top of furniture, except a few choice decorative items. That way, there is a lot less picking up/putting back while cleaning. It looks neater too at all times without doing anything extra.

    Rather than dusting, like with a feather duster, use a clean dishcloth with some lukewarm water and just a little cleaning liquid. Wring the cloth quite dry, clean a surface, rinse, repeat until your room is done. Dust you remove with a duster only starts flying around in the air and is right back where it came from an hour later.

    Pick up after yourself every evening at the same time, so it becomes a habit.

  7. booger0819 said :

    get rid of absolutely everything you don’t need, use, or wear…the less you have the less you have to clean

  8. me said :

    You need to organize your clothing so it has enough space and is all in one area..clean, dirty and those jeans make my butt look big today.

    If your dresser is on one side of the room and your closet on the other side and the mirror in the middle and the jewelery by your bed and you have to climb over your bed to go back and forth you’re going to make a mess.

    Remove everything you have not worn since school started. That includes pj’s and undies too. If it’s seasonal like swim suits and shorts pack them up and store them. Move your dresser near your closet. Put dirty clothing in the laundry room everyday. Any surfaces in your room are only allowed to have 3 items on them. Pack up the rest. When you have alot of stuff out and drop one more thing instant mess.

    Put hooks in your closet or behind your door for your backpack, towel and robe.

    Don’t make your bed but fold down the covers in the morning so the bed airs.

    Make a make up roll out of a towel. Put shelves up with baskets for craft supplies.

    Get a milk crate for papers you need to keep.

  9. jesse's girl said :

    clean up as you go. if you take something out put it away. keeping up on all the small stuff will stop the huge mess.

  10. RHODA B said :

    It is a good idea to have a place for everything and then just make sure to put it back in its rightful place. No mess.No fuss,,Hard to get started but it works.


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