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How often do you dust and what product(s) do you use?

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9 Responses to “How often do you dust and what product(s) do you use?”

  1. just browsin said :

    I dust when I see it. I used to use just a damp rag, but my sister’s house always looks so shiny, so now I use Pledge and a rag.

  2. wolschou said :

    i use the classic ostrich feather duster. its not available everywhere, but not that hard to obtain either… and works like a charm.

    mind you, i only dust when the layer of dust becomes visible, and it still picks everything up, just with careful swishing and prodding.

  3. seilygirl said :

    murphys oil to clean then dust with pledg. once or twice a week.

  4. doctormadjam said :


  5. [email protected] said :

    i usually walk with a micro forbore towel in my purse, you don’t use harmfull chemicals, or aerosols, furthermore i find that vacuuming with dust buster attachment’s, work better, and-you know its in the canister, if you get a good vacuum…like dyson, it inhales99% of mites,etc… hope you get more time to do what you really seserve

  6. dustbegone said :

    I usually dust once a week. I will use a swiffer duster or a slightly damp rag to wipe up the dust. I may use a polish once a month after I dust.

  7. sg1234 said :

    I use Murphey’s Oil Soap every couple weeks to get the grime off the wood. I use Pledge once a week to clean, and in between, I use the Swiffer Dusters in between.

  8. Gabby said :

    I try to do it once a week. The swiffer duster is awesome. I can use it everywhere in my house and it traps the dust on it so there isn’t any flying around in the air. I also use pledge on my furniture.

  9. charmz21lucky said :

    I dust every other day and I use pledge. My sister in law uses the pledge multipurpose and swears by it.


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