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How often should i water my indoor impatiens and how shady should it be?

I’m growing impatiens inside and I’m planning to put them on a window sill that doesn’t receive too much sun. Is that alright? And how often should I water them (a rough estimate)?

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5 Responses to “How often should i water my indoor impatiens and how shady should it be?”

  1. pondlady said :

    Once a week for watering. More if they begin to wilt. I am not sure impatiens can be grown inside tho. I have never seen nor heard of it.

  2. cat said :

    that is fine they are a shade loving flower water at least weekly as long as they don’t get bone dry just keep an eye on them ,and they will fine.

  3. obe said :

    Don’t keep them in too shady of an area, they like sun too. If you live somewhere that you have heat inside in the winter, you may need to water them about every 5 days. Otherwise once a week.

  4. reynwater said :

    Imps do just fine indoors – I overwinter mine inside every year. Water will depend on the size of pots they’re in, small pots dry out faster than large pots. Just feel the soil. Cuttings will root in water in 1-2 weeks.

  5. meanolmaw said :

    Imps like living inside in BRIGHT light, just not direct sun….. since it’s inside, and winter, the light outside is quite a bit less anyway…(* mine live in the greenhouse under fifty percent shade cloth)….. so give them a bright window area, but not near the window where it’s cold, but closer to the center of the room where it’s warmer….. like an end table near a fave chair….like where you’d read by the outdoor natural light during the day…they will still get ‘leggy’ in a few months, so prepare to cut them back…. and save the cuttings and plant them!!…. half strength fertilizer every month as long as they are blooming….


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