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how do you keep your plants looking fabulous?

how much should water them when you water them and how often? is there anything you can do to keep them looking extremely nice?
The plants are outside and there are flowers what can i do to make them stay looking nice?

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6 Responses to “how do you keep your plants looking fabulous?”

  1. turtle said:

    What kind of plants? Outdoors or indoors? Flowering or not? I don’t know what to tell you because of the lack of information in your question. I can tell you that I use Miracle Grow on all my plants when I water in the summer, so I use it more diluted than in the winter when I don’t water near as often. Some plants like more water, others less; some need a special fertilizer, like orchids and African violets.

  2. justme said:

    Weed,water and fertilize. Weekly,every other day if no rain and every 2 weeks with miracle grow for flowering plants. Trim off any leaves that are not green.

  3. noonecanne said:

    Deadhead! I go out almost everyday and cut off the dead or almost dead flowers. This provides more energy to the plant to produce more flowers instead of promoting seed formation. Sometimes I will also do a little pruning on plants to keep them from getting too leggy.

    I water most of my outdoor plants daily, as needed.

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