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How do I get blue ink out of a crib sheet?

An ink pen got in with some laundry and got all over the crib sheets.I tried to get it out but with no luck.

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4 Responses to “How do I get blue ink out of a crib sheet?”

  1. Phrumpy said :

    Hon, I’ve had quite the luck using some of that orange kind of hand cleaner they sell in the automotive sections at large stores. I use it for many things now that I learned that.

  2. Josie826 said :

    If you dried the sheet, it might not come out. But, try some cheap hair spray (White Rain, Suave) and saturate the ink stain well and start blotting at it with a white cloth. It should get most, if not all, of the stain out.

  3. luva said :

    try scrubbing bubbles tub and tile cleaner. or scrub in oxy-clean and let it set for a few hours then put it back in the wash. i get everything out with oxy-clean. good luck

  4. ProfessorL said :

    I was at a family reunion the other day, and all the women were swearing by Scrubbing Bubbles for getting stains–even oil– out of fabric. My mom was laughing because a few weeks back she washed a purple crayon on accident, and only had Scrubbing Bubbles to try and get the wax out of the dryer. It worked like a charm!!

    They said you just spray it on, blot it, spray a little more, let it sit….. the usual!

    Good luck!


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