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How do i change a deadbolt lock if the old hole is not a standard sized hole?

I just bought a house and want to change the locks on the front door. The holes are small and the standard doorknob and deadbolt i bought from home depot doesn’t fit! what can i do?

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6 Responses to “How do i change a deadbolt lock if the old hole is not a standard sized hole?”

  1. dlmrgnk said :

    Your options are limited. Either get a smaller deadbolt (probably not possible) or enlarge the hole. Pay attention to the distance from the center of the hold to the edge of the door that the new deadbolt requires as you do so. AND, also the size of the hold for the new deadbolt may be different.
    Welcome to home ownership. 🙂

  2. Bobs MonOncle said :

    …or take your lock to a locksmith who can swap some pins and effect a change in key, if that is your goal.

    Otherwise, you can just add a new dead bolt and choose to use or not use the old one, but leave it in place.

  3. granny said :

    Well, you’ll have to enlarge the opening. So get a hole saw whatever size your dead-bolt is (it should say the size on the package), attach it to your drill and start drilling, make sure you center it before you start drilling. Remember you’ll probably need to enlarge the side opening (edge bore) with a drill bit to accommodate the larger “bolt”. You will also have to enlarge the bolt receiver on the door frame.

    I know you know this but measure twice before you cut. Good luck and have fun!

  4. dartiator63 said :

    Best way is to get a door installation kit at Either Lowes Or Home Depot.
    It contains the hole saw and a guide that center the hole so you do not make a mistake and ruin your door.
    The ones for wood run about 13.00 and the iones for metal are around 20.00
    here is alink with a picture of the tool.

  5. donmohan2 said :

    Some deadbolt makers, such as Schlage and Arrow, have deadbolts that don’t require a 2 1/8 inch hole. In both cases, there is a ring that can be left out so the deadbolt will fit over a non-standard hole, but security is somewhat compromised because the ring prevents the lock body from sliding.

    Enlarging the hole with a hole saw, or any other way, is pretty much impossible; you just will never get the backset right, and the deadbolt will surely bind. Locksmiths have jigs for doing the job, but the tool is way too expensive for one time use.

    My suggestion to you is to get a small piece of 1/4 inch plywood (approx 12″X12″) and clamp or screw it firmly to the door with one edge of the plywood aligned with the edge of the door. Measure and mark on the plywood as you would for an installation on a new door. Now you will have a mark at the center of the cross bore. Use your 2 1/8 hole saw with a mandrel to cut through the plywood, and into the door. Now you have a one time use jig to guide the hole saw through the right spot. When you are measuring, use a square to make sure the horizontal line through the cross bore matches the horizontal line of the edge bore.

    I hope that makes sense to you.

  6. southarkansas said :

    most of the time all you need is a rat tail file and enlarge the hole


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