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How can I lock my bedroom door from the outside?

For thanksgiving my mom is having her side of the family over which includes my 5 year old cousin who always goes into my room and takes/breaks my stuff. my door has no lock and there’s no way in hell my mom will let me put a lock on it in anyway. no, not even those simple $15 latches or whatever. I’m leaving at noon that day and none of the adults are going to give a damn about keeping my cousin out of trouble.
Any tricky ways to lock my door from the outside?

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5 Responses to “How can I lock my bedroom door from the outside?”

  1. emucompboy said :

    Pile all your furniture up against the door and leave through the window.

  2. Dan B said :

    Go to the hardware store and buy a door knob and lock assembly for an EXTERIOR door with a key lock. You don’t have to drill any new holes in the door. Remove four screws from the old door knob assembly and install the new door knob and lock assembly. Just make sure the door lock will fit the thinner door of your room. Usually, interior doors are thinner than exterior doors.

    They do make locks for people who travel. They allow you to lock the door from inside the room. But leaving the room through the window leaves the room unsecured anyway. You want to be able to get back into the room to remove the lock (or anything else you use to secure the door).

  3. minty66 said :

    see if you can unscrew the door knob in there should be a long square rod just slide that out and replace the door knob . this means the Internal latch will not move

  4. Lorraine Y said :

    Install a lock outside your door.

  5. Toni C said :

    Install a hook and eye way up high on the door and she won’t be able to open it. I have them on my screen door, basement door and bathroom closet (where medicine is kept) to keep my grandkids safe.


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