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How can I make money off of my superior gardening ability?

I don’t have enough land to own a farm or any large scale cultivation project. My original idea was to grow bonsai trees, but a 4 year old tree goes for $20. I don’t see how anyone in the world can make any sustainable income off of that.

I can grow anything from cacti to flowers to a full blown tree (don’t have enough space for a tree).

Any ideas on how I can turn my gardening ability into a business?

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2 Responses to “How can I make money off of my superior gardening ability?”

  1. Miss Expert said :

    If you are talking about business, you can simply start a shop online.
    It does not cost a lot to you. If you need a business off-line, you really need
    a good space for it. Moreover, you have to pay a bit before you are
    able to show your ability.

    I suggest you to do first some research online: what are the things that most of the people are interested in. Then you decide to start small.

    You may start online then off-line. This way, people can see your ability before buying from your shop.

    If you are talking about growing trees, like dwarf fruit trees are quite popular nowadays.

    Growing first organic vegetables and soft fruits like strawberries, shrub-berries, or grapevines, you can do more in a small space, and you can save up your own food expenses.

    When you can sell your quality fruits and vegetables, you can invest further with your abilities.

    Remember always start from small, don’t think big before your business goes wild.

    I hope it helps!

  2. oil field trash said :

    You didn’t say how much space you do have but you might consider herbs. Many of them don’t take a lot of space and fresh ones are very popular.


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