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What kind of gardening book should I get her?

My mom hasn’t really ever gardened before. Last year she tried, but didn’t get into it much. We are into the whole organic foods thing so I thought we should garden to save some money on all the produce we buy. Do you know of any good gardening books for beginners like my mom?

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3 Responses to “What kind of gardening book should I get her?”

  1. Mr. Mole said :

    Gardening for beginners….is the best I can suggest

  2. glenn t said :

    square foot gardening

  3. fluffernut said :

    If Square Foot Gardening is still available, it’s a great book for beginners! Not overwhelming at all. There was also a book called something like lasagna gardening……fun but if you don’t have access to the stuff, probably not practical. Gardening for Dummies………?? No offense, just they usually break it down into simple sections.

    If you are in the US you can contact your Cooperative Extension Service in your county. They have gardening brochures that may be helpful. Also they have the Master Gardeners, trained volunteers to answer your (many) questions. That’s their job.


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