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Why should I make my home energy efficient ?

With today’s climate woes, going green and conserving energy are becoming increasingly popular. While spending money to save money may seem backward, there are a number of benefits to taking the time to make your home more energy efficient.

1. Save the Environment! The average home is capable of producing more pollution than a car? Scary thought, isn’t it? The fact is that 16% of greenhouse gases are produced by homes nationwide.

2. Better appliance efficiency. Homes with properly installed energy efficiency offer better protection against heat, cold and the weather elements that those who are lacking. More consistency in room temperatures means appliances work less to accomplish the job of maintaining the home environment.

3. Better Air Quality. Protecting your home from the weather elements also protects you! Energy efficient homes have fewer problems with moisture and mold, keeping your home – and you – much healthier throughout.

4. Lower home ownership costs! Energy efficient homes can save up to $200 to $400 in heating, air, and water costs. Over the years, this adds up to thousands in savings. Plus, refinancing your home with an energy efficient mortgage can lead to even more savings.

5. Higher Home Resale Value. Energy efficiency is a huge selling point. Taking the time now to make those improvements will save you money while earning large dividends in the future.

6. Tax Credit. Get a one time credit of up to $500 for making energy efficient improvements to your home. Additionally, there are additional tax credits available for installing solar cells.

7. Reduce the need for raw materials. Longer lasting bulbs and other energy efficient materials reduce the demand for replacements over time. Fewer replacements over the life of the home in turn reduces the need for as much of the materials that are used to make them.

8. Economic stimulus. Efforts to go green require manpower. The movement of various industries to be more efficient has had the surprise bonus of creating jobs, and helping to boost a flailing economy.

9. Peace of Mind. Having an energy efficient home doesn’t just benefit you, but also your loved ones. Knowing you have done your best to assure that all the members of your family are healthy and comfortable is a reward in itself.

10. IT’S THE RIGHT THING. Sometimes, when all of the other reasons fail to move us, we are left with common good and decency. Saving the world takes one person at a time. It can all begin with your home.

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2 Responses to “Why should I make my home energy efficient ?”

  1. George said :

    Thanks! The tax credits make it a little easier. These are some great tips onenergy management and efficiency

  2. George said :

    Thanks! The tax credits make it a little easier. These are some great tips onenergy management and efficiency


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