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Which gardening magazine would you recommend (in the UK)?

For a beginner (in her 20’s) who is keen to learn about gardening and get practical advice
That’s great guys, thank you! I do have a Tesco clubcard but have never used it so not that familiar with it… how do I go on about getting the subcription through them??

I have had a flick through a couple of their issues and I do actually really enjoy reading it.

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4 Responses to “Which gardening magazine would you recommend (in the UK)?”

  1. Panda Hunter said :

    Gardeners World magazine, you can get a years subscription through Tesco clubcard rewards vouchers for only £10.50.

    You have to use your clubcard when you purchase anything instore or online with Tesco, you get so many ponts depending on how much you spend each transaction, that way every so many months they send you out rewards vouchers, i use mine online to purchase my magazine subscriptions, without this you would be best getting books out of the library and occasionally purchasing a weekly issue of Amateur Gardening or the newspaper Garden News, they will all tell you something useful but i always find the books i have bought or borrowd to be more informative, its just books can get slightly out of date whereas the magazines are up to date but its really just minor things that will be missing from the books like new variations of plants on the market.

  2. Herbie said :

    I would also go to the library – they usually have a great selection of gardening books where you can find advice on just about anything. With magazines you are stuck with what they happen to be discussing that month, which might not always be what you need at the time.

  3. YVONNE R said :

    I agree with Panda Hunter, I also got my Gardeners world with Tesco vouchers, but I also buy Amateur Gardening which is a weekly magazine which often has free seeds. I only buy it if I really like the seeds or if there is an article advertised that interests me.

  4. florayg said :

    it’s a personal thing but I think Garden Answers is the best for ornamental planting because it has lots more Q and A pages, and Kitchen Garden definitely if you want to grow veg.


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