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where do you turn on the water for a new water dispensing refrigerator?

We just bought a new refrig with a ice and water dispenser on the door. There already was a water line for this type of fridge in the house, when we hooked up the water line to the new fridge no water came out? Is there somewhere in the house or kitchen or basement we are supposed to be looking to find some type of valve or shut off? There is a T valve on the cooper water line behind the fridge but no water comes out of the water line? HELP!

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4 Responses to “where do you turn on the water for a new water dispensing refrigerator?”

  1. Paul H said :

    sometimes under the kitchen sink you will have to trace the water line and find out were it leads too.

  2. Backlog said :

    first you have to set it screw it in all the way thats how you pierce the line then back it out 2-3 turns have small wrench handy in case nuts or clamps are not tight on line. no problem

  3. don_vvvvito said :

    it just depends…….
    usually its behind the fridge in the form of a cut off valve….
    if not their its ususally under the sink…….
    99% of the time it’s in those two places and i’m betting it’s under your sink………….

  4. mike b said :

    When you say a “T” valve that makes me think of a saddle valve. Then I wonder why an exposed water line would be behind your fridge. Is the “T” valve a small valve that the handle looks like a T?

    Either way if this valve is already open and you have no water then it is probably shut off at the saddle valve.

    You will have to trace the water line that goes to the fridge to where it is connected to the water line. Hopefully nobody finished your basement and concealed this valve.

    If you are unable to find it just run a new line from a cold water pipe. You can buy a saddle valve at any hardware store or home center. They are very simple to install with a wrench and screw driver.


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