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What makes microfiber such a good material for underwear?

How is it better than cotton? Is it as good at wicking away moisture as swimsuits and athletic support underwear?

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2 Responses to “What makes microfiber such a good material for underwear?”

  1. Bill F said :

    It is such a lightweight fabric with hardly any bulk, and it does a great job of wicking away moisture.

  2. SpinSpinSugar said :

    It “breathes” well, (allows your skin to get airflow and remain dry, as well as disperse moisture to dry quicker).

    It doesn’t shift or “ride”, but tends to move with you and stay put better.

    Underwear made from microfiber blends are generally thinner, allowing you to look less bulky, have less fabric bunching and less likelihood of straps and pantilines showing.


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