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What kind of Trees should I Plant?

Hi i live in Western Washington (Seattle). I am planning on planting a tree in my backyard. I was thinking on planting a pomegranate and a fig tree. Is it possible to grow one in my area? If so where can i buy them in a store near me?
Thanx everyone! Couldn’t decide on best answer but anyway you both helped me alot!

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2 Responses to “What kind of Trees should I Plant?”

  1. Susan M said :

    You could call your local County Extension office and ask about what sorts of fruit trees grow in your area. Or, find your area on USDA climate zone maps and then look at the trees to see whether they grow where you are. Many types of trees have a variety that may grow where are. There is a so many different plants that grow well where you are, but you must take into account the altitude, closeness to bodies of water, etc. to know how long your season is.

    Have fun looking! I am sure there are figs that will grow around there, but not sure about pomegranates. Hey, you have a great arboretum in Seattle, you could go look and ask questions there.

  2. gurneywagon said :

    ok…Raintree Nursery in Morton WA sells both.

    The pomegranate needs LOTS of sun, so best to plant, if possible, where the pavement and a wall reflect the heat back to the plant.

    1st link is for the fig
    2nd for the pomegranate

    Be sure to read the “add to cart” and “bare root plants”.

    Their phone #, email, fax and physical address is on the menu.

    From one Seattleite to another – I hope this helps you 🙂


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