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What is the best way to stake up raspberry canes?

My raspberries are long and as they fill out they lean alot. Is there a special tecnique to support the plants for the best yeilds and growth?

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4 Responses to “What is the best way to stake up raspberry canes?”

  1. cjmommy said :

    I use a wooden trellis and tie the long stems with thick string ,I painted It green to match the leaves, make sure to use gloves:)

  2. gale said :

    My father-in-law an I used fence posts at each end of the row with wire at several levels strung between the posts.Make sure the posts are buried fairly deep in the ground, as the canes can get quite heavy especially when burdened with fruit. Also make sure you use heavier wire so it doesn’t break from the weight. You may have to readjust it every year.

  3. Ron S said :

    The best way that I found to support raspberry plants is to use post every 10 feet and put three strands of wire going from post to post with the wire set at 1′ from the ground, and the next 1′ from the first wire and the final wire 1′ from the second wire. You can tie the plants loosely to the wire and they will eventually follow the wire. If you feel like digging, you could put wire 1′ in front of the berries and 1′ in the back of the berries this way you do not need to tie the plants. When they lean, the wire will prevent them from leaning over.

  4. Michale Grigorov said :

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