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What is the best way to paint over my saltillo tile?

I have saltillo tile throughout my home. I know a lot of people like it, but I dont. 🙂 Dont want to invest too much money into tearing it all out and retiliing. Any suggestions on what paint or stain to use?

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One Response to “What is the best way to paint over my saltillo tile?”

  1. chicagirl51 said :

    You will need to clean the tiles very well using some TSP and rinse well.If there is any sealer on it then that would have to be removed first. You could use ZEP floor stripper. You can use a 1 part epoxy paint and several coats of ZEP floor finish after 72 hours of the epoxy curing.It might take 2 coats of epoxy with 24 hours between coats. I apply the finish using a grout sponge and 30 minutes between coats.
    You could restain them after removing any sealer. I would use a concrete stain and maybe even 2 colors by applying with a sea sponge and letting it soak in. Seal it the same way with ZEP high traffic floor finish.


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