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What is a soap dispenser ?

A soap dispenser is one of the most used household items in bathrooms and kitchens worldwide. A typical soap dispenser is a container that lets out a liquid, foamy or creamy soap using pump mechanism to release soap when needed. Plenty of bathrooms and kitchens are designed with stainless steel or brass soap dispensers installed, eliminating the need to use up space for an extra bottle.

Most soap dispensers require users to depress the handles in order to pull soap up from the bottle. However, other types of soap dispensers work differently. One type of soap dispenser that uses a different method is foam dispensers. These dispensers combine the soap with air while going through the pump and as a result, foam is produced instead of liquid soap. Another type of unconventional soap dispenser is the automatic soap dispenser, the ones you see in modern public bathrooms. These dispensers work by using a sensor that detects when a person’s hands are placed underneath the automatic dispenser, releasing a premeasured amount of soap into the hands.

Fancy soap dispensers, which are made of plastic or porcelain, designed with metal finishes and various designs, are also available to match with your bathroom décor or kitchen furniture. However, these types of dispensers may cost higher, ranging from five to 75 dollars.

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